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I'm a self-proclaimed software engineer. I care about building elegant, effective, software that expands individual's freedom and drives responsibility/decision-making to the edges.

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Latest Podcast Appearances

Swan Signal Life: Lyn Alden and Pablo Fernandez
Detailed conversation about the Bitcoin Lightning Network. We discuss Lyn's most recent article, "A Look At the Lightning Network" & discuss the exciting developments & innovation happening on the Lighting Network.
The Investors Podcast with Preston Pysh
Preston Pysh talks with Pablo Fernandez about technical developments currently happening around Bitcoin and the lightning network.
Que necesita realmente un bitcoiner


This website is being hosted on a hyperdrive. You could run my website locally (why would you? 🤷‍♂️ I don't know)

# Install Hyperdrive-CLI

$ hyp seed hyper://ad37e56c6486fabc0ea8d0eecf7cfb55074c3dcb7d4922f8dcfe866ffc65cd8a//
$ hyp drive http hyper://ad37e56c6486fabc0ea8d0eecf7cfb55074c3dcb7d4922f8dcfe866ffc65cd8a//

# My website will be now running on http://localhost:8080/


Ummm, because it's cool? What kind of dumb question is that?

Web π

I used to say this was my shitty web3, until wizard-of-words @allenf notes that this was just slightly better than web3.