Worldschooling is a way of life where you travel the world with your family while learning and growing together.

Living like this has a very unique set of challenges that one normally doesn't encounter while living in a single place.

Lessons from worldschooling

Have a plan to meet like-minded families

You'll typically want people to hang out with, particularly, children your kids can play with. In our case, both my wife and I are extreme introverts, which doesn't (necessarily) mean we are socially awkward, it just means that we can be perfectly fine not interacting with many people for a long time.

But, havings kids changes that; our daughter does have the need of playing with other kids (sociopath!), so getting out of our comfort zone and finding people (parents) to befriend is necessary for all of us to enjoy ourselves and to have a healthy relationship (aka not want to kill each other).

There are many resources to meet worldschooling families, and it's easier to find them than I had initially expected, but just showing up to a spot expecting there to be families to connect with, or that they'll want to connect with you, that's a recipe for unnecessary bad experiences.

You're not at home; don't expect home

You're leaving home seeking new experiences, which means that you will find yourself uncomfortable out of your comfort zone. This sounds great on paper and on a self-actualization course brochure, but when you find yourself cooking multiple meals over a single gas burner in a tiny kitchen, using the bathroom as an extension of the kitchenette, the endearing glamour will quickly fade in a sea of frustration.

Your kids haven't yet developed the skills you hope they will

One of the character traits I was hoping my daughter to develop was the ability of finding new people and befriending them easily. Much to my surprise, the first few times we went to new places and interacted with new people, she was much more on the shy end of the social spectrum, which is her natural tendency.

This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone, but it did to me; but if part of the reason we are engaging in this lifestyle is to become more accostumed to new environments, then, by definition, we should expect her not to have to traits innate to her personality.